5 Year Fixed Rate Bonds

Enjoy a guaranteed rate of interest

5 year fixed term bonds can give you a good fixed rate of interest in return for a 5 year commitment of capital

When you invest in fixed rate bonds you are making a loan of your capital fixed period of time. In return for this you will receive a predetermined rate of interest which you can receive in monthly or annual installments.

You may be unable to make an early withdrawal of capital from a 5 year fixed rate bond, or you may be subject to heavy exit charges, so you should be willing to commit for the full 5 year period. However fixed bonds can also give you much better returns than you might get on 1, 2, 3, or 4 year fixed rate bonds.

Shopping around and comparing the market can be the best way to get you a good deal for your money. Use the table below to compare popular fixed rate bond offers on the market, including 5 year fixed rate bonds.

Selected fixed rate bonds